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My Georgia – Augusta

The state of Georgia goes way back in time -back to when James Edward Oglethorpe founded Savannah at Yamacraw Bluff in 1733.  In 1736, Oglethorpe sent two men, Kennedy O’Brien and Roger DeLacy, up the Savannah River to establish a fort, that would be a door to the back country.  Today we know the area as Augusta.  The 13th colony, Georgia, was established as a buffer colony.  A buffer between the colonies north of Georgia, and the Spaniards to the south and the French to the southwest.  Because of this fact, no slaves were permitted in the colony of Georgia.  There were a lot of things different in Georgia.  All the traders had to have a license in Georgia.  When you got your license, you had to post money.  You were not allowed to trade rum for skins.  Oglethorpe even said the traders had to travel to the Indians in order to trade, the Indians did not have to come to the traders.  Georgia’s history is of great interest in the growth of the United States of America.  I hope you will enjoy this history as you read!
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